Post-harvest management

Post-harvet management:Pineapple

  • After harvesting pineapples, put them in water container to avoid the hotness they come with from the land
  • Put in that water before you transport them either by air or other  transport means , if not refrigerate them,
  • The water  have to be disinfected against the pests and other microbes ,
  • The selection  of pineaples will depend on weights and quality
  • The pesticides used for quality conservation are :
    • Dowicide A: 7 Grams per litter of water – sprayed to the pineapple to maintain its color and prevent any disease,
    • Wax: it contain polyethylene/paraffin compostion. This protects the pinaple against the loss of juice
  • The pineaaples are kept to a temperature of 7 o C 12°C and 90-95% humidity.
  • The Cayenne pineapple variety can be kept like that for 4 weeks.