Land Preparation

Land preparation (Pineapple)

  • Erosion control
  • Prepare the land properly
  • Remove trees and stones
  • Plough and till the soil a number of times, to achieve a fine tilth, for effective plant rooting.
  • Ridge the soil for better drainage, temperature and to improve aeration
  1. Seed selection and planting :
  • Seed preparation usingĀ  suckers
  • Seed preparation usingĀ  crown
  • Slip shoot
  • Tissue culture.

Suckers are shoots growing from buds below the ground level and shoots are leaf branches produced from buds in the axils of leaves above ground levels. Both suckers and shoots are produced as daughter plants by side of mother plant, in the post flowering stage. Slips are smaller structures arising from fruit stalks. Crowns which adorns the fruits grow as extention of the central core of fruits and have a large number of leaves arranged closely on a central axils. Tissue culture suckers are produced in laboratory and they are generally disease free.

Performance of plants in terms of vigour, duration, fruit size and quality varies depending on the type and size of planting materials used. Shoots and suckers yield fruits in 17-18 months, slips in 18-20 months and crowns in 22-24 months.