Crop Management

Crop Management:Pineapple

  • Fertilisation :
    • Apply farm yard manute before planting ( 10T/HA)
    • Nitrogen is the nutrient most used by pineapples. It can be applied at the rate of 50 kg per hectare as top dressing one month after planting.
    • Additional nitrogen, pottassium and phosphorus (NPK) can be applied later at the rate of 16: 4:12 grams per plant applied three to six months interval is recommended before maturity. An additional 23.5g/plant of nitrogen rich fertilizer ( urea 46-0-0) is applied from the 4th month after planting (1/3), 6 months after planting (1/3) and after 8 months after planting (1/3) ,
    • Potassium deficiency produces a poor quality fruit; few suckers and slips will be formed. Kcl is therefore applied at the rate of 13 gr per plant, after 6 months after planting.
  • Weed Control:
  • From the beginning to the second harverst, the farm have to be clean and cleared,
  • The farmers have to keep removing the weeds either in the space in the way in between the fruits,
  • ¬†Herbicides also can be used to remove the weeds such as Aminitriazol, paraquat, glyphosate, dalapan, Bromacil using between 2 kg and 5 kg per hectar.
  • Mulching
  • Black polyethylene approximately 90 cm wide is used as mulch in most commercial pineapple plantations. As the mulch is rolled out on the planting bed, its edges are covered with soil. Planting holes are punched through the plastic with a trowel,
  • Also, dry grasses or sawdust can be used as mulching materials,
  • The mulch increases soil temperature in the root zone, helps to conserve soil moisture, promotes rooting by concentrating moisture in the root zone, and controls weeds.