Harvesting :Pineapple

  • Pineapples should mature after 15-24 months depending on the planting material used.
  • While harvesting it is best to cut, rather than to break the fruit by the stalk.
  • With adequate management, the main crop should yield about 70 tonnes/ha, while ratoon crops yield on the average 50 tonnes/ha. At least two ratoon crops can be grown after the plant crop.
  • When the production is for export:
    •  Harvest  them while they are not yet too much yellowish ( the yellow at ¼ of the whole fruit)
    • They don’t have to weight more than1.5 kg because the buyer in Europe do like the ones with 1.3-1.5kg with small crown,
  • When the production is for processing  industrial supply:
    • Harvest themwhen they are yellowish up to  ¼ of the whole fruit,
    • They have to wiigh up to 1.8kg to 2.0kg,
  • When the production is for the local market:
    • Harvest themwhen they are yellowish  up to ½ of the whole fruits,
    • The weight depend to the clients need.