Passion fruits

Land Preparation

Land Preparation:Passion Fruit

Once suitable site is located, it has to be prepared for proper support of the growing plant. The seedbed must be free from other competing plants and the soil in good form for the seeds or seedlings to get established.

If the land to be used for growing passion fruit is new land, it has to be cleared of all bushes and tree stumps. Land cultivation is done with soil erosion measures taken care of. Deep digging is necessary to remove hard pans in the soil. Passion fruit has a deep root system; therefore proper land cultivation is necessary.

The soil should be cultivated to a smooth and well leveled seedbed or nursery bed from which all debris has been removed. This allows the seed germinate easily and the seedling to be well established. The cultivation of the soil is meant to loosen the soil for easy penetration and retention of water, adequate air circulation and minimum resistance to root penetration and development.