Planting date: Mid October- mid-November

Seeds coating: seeds of groundnuts are susceptible to fungal rot in the soil. It is, therefore, recommended to  treat seeds with Mencozeb  and Thiram products. Comprehensive directions of use are  indicated on the label.

Spacing: 50 cm between the row and 5-10 cm on the row. Seeds are planted in 5-7.5 cm deep hole and covered with the soil

Fertilizer application

Groundnut being a legume crop meets mostly its nitrogen requirement through fixation of nitrogen in the atmosphere. So, groundnut may not respond to large application of nitrogen fertilizers. Excess of nitrogen results in too much of vegetative growth at the expense of groundnut pod production.

However, in early stages of plant growth nitrogen is very much in demand when the plants are in the initial stages of nitrogen fixation. A good strategy for nitrogen management in groundnut cultivation is to apply a starter dose of 15 to 20 kg N/ha, and encourage nitrogen fixation by Rhizobia inoculation to meet the nitrogen needs of plants. The starter dose of nitrogen is side dressed along with phosphorus and potassium application just before sowing. Farm yard manure at 15Tons per hectare is enough to provide needed nutrients