Land Preparation

Land Preparation:Groundnuts

The objectives of field preparation are based on the following principles: Elimination and control of undesirable plants like crop volunteers and weeds to reduce competition with the established main crop;

  • Provide favorable conditions for sowing, allowing germination, emergence and good plant development;
  • Maintenance of fertility and productivity over the long term by preserving the soil organic matter and avoiding erosion;
  • Breaking of hard pans or compacted layers to increase water infiltration through the soil whilst avoiding erosion;
  • Facilitating mixing of fertilizers, lime, or agro-chemical products into the soil;
  • Incorporation of organic and agricultural residues.
  • Tillage operations should be repeated when the weed seeds are just germinated.
  • When the soils are heavily infested with perennial weeds like Cynodon or Cyperus, deep ploughing is needed.