Crop Management

Crop Management :Groundnuts

Weeding:  weeds compete with the crop for moisture, nutrients, light and space. Weed to remove all unwanted weeds.

Fertilizer application: If the nodulation and nitrogen fixation is low or poor, then the crop need to be applied with 30 to 40 kg N/ha after 30 to 45 days of sowing.

 The top-dressing should be done at proper moisture level in soil followed by intercultivation or manual weeding. Lime application is essential to grow groundnut in acid soils. ... Apply well powdered gypsum at 250 kg/ha close to the base of plants at 20-25 days after sowing on either side and incorporate in the soil, so that it remains in top 3 cm of soil.

Rotation: rotate groundnuts with non-legume crops to prevent and avoid diseases.