Varieties of peas

I. Introduction

Peas are a cool-season crop, now coming in three separate varieties to suit your garden and cooking needs. They are: Pisum savitum, which includes both garden peas (sweet pea, inedible pod) and snow peas (edible flat pod with small peas inside) and Pisum macrocarpon, snap peas (edible pod with full-size peas). They are easy to grow, but with a very limited growing season. Furthermore, they do not stay fresh long after harvest, so enjoy them while you can.

II. Recommended Varieties

  • ‘Snowbird’ (snow pea), resistant to fusarium wilt
  • ‘Sugar Ann’ (snap pea), early variety, short vine
  • ‘Green Arrow’ (garden pea), mid-season variety, high yields, resistant to fusarium wilt