Tree tomato


Planting of Tree Tomotoes

1.1. Propagation in nursery

  • Seed extraction

The tamarillo seeds should be extracted from fruits harveted on vigorous and heavy fruit bearing and healthy trees to prevent seed borne diseases.

Fruits are harvested at their physiological maturity after they have changed completely the colour and are kept in a dark place for about 1 to 2 weeks. Before cutting the fruits to remove the seeds, fruits are washed in wáter containing a desinfectant like JIK (1%).

After being extracted from fruits, seeds are also washed in wáter containing a desinfectant and the sticky substance around the seeds is completely washed out. Then, seed are dried in absence of direct sun light for about 3-10 days after which they are ready for sowing and they can keep germination power for about 3 month in dry and cool storage conditions.

One gram (1g) contains about 150-160 seeds.

  • Nursery site selection and preparation
  • The ideal site for the nursery should be under the sun and not have been grown with crops of the same family for last 3-4 seasons. The nursery soil should be well aerated, drained and with good pH. The site should be ploughed to a depth of 20-30 cm and removed with stones, weeds and debris.
  • The nursery soil should also be free from diseases and pests. It should be applied with well decomposed organic manure (5 kg/m2) and the inorganic fertilizer such NPK 17-17-17 (20 g/m2) one week before sowing as well as fungicide and insecticide 2-3 days before sowing.
  • The raised beds of 1-1.2m width and 20cm depth are made.
  • Sowing and nursery management
  • The quantity of seeds required is 25g for 1ha (2.5g for 1 are). Care should be taken to use non expired seed and this from credited sources.
  • During the day of sowing, the bed surface is levelled and sowing lines of 0.5cm depth are made using a stick. Seeds are sown in lines at the spacing of 20cm x 5cm and are covered with soil. Then, the much is applied on the bed, followed by regular watering. Movable shade is also provided to protect seedlings from direct sunlight and heavy rain intensity.
  • Upon germination (7-10 days after sowing), the mulching material is removed. The seedlings should be protected from the direct sunlight.
  • One month after sowing, when seedlings are about 5cm in height they are transplanted in pots having 13 cm diameter.
  • Fungicides like Mancozeb (2.5g/L of water) and insecticides like Lambda-Cyhalothrin (1m/1L of water) can be applied when necessary.
  • To harden the seedlings, watering frequency is reduced and seedlings are gradually exposed to direct sunlight 1-2 weeks before transplanting.
  • Seedlings will be ready for planting in main field about 3 months after sowing.

1.2. Transplanting

The season A is the best time for transplanting. Planting holes of   0,6 x 0,6 x 0,6 m are prepared and the soil mixed well with 12 kg of organic manure.

Tamarillo plants are planted in rows with 1.5 m – 2 m between plants and 2 m between rows. This makes 2500 plants per hectar for the spacing 1.5m and 2 m spacing between plants, respectively.