Cabbage Varietes

1. Introduction

Cabbage is an important vegetable crop which originated from Mediterranean region. In Rwanda, cabbage is mainly produced for the local market. The Northern Province is by far the major cabbage producer, followed by Western Province, Southern Province, Eastern Province and lastly Kigali City Province. Cabbage heads are valuable as sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as a source of cash for small-scale farmers in rural and peri-urban areas.

2. Varieties                 

  • Copenhagen

·  Good for small gardens

·  Heads reach 6-8 inch diameter

·  Heads weigh 3-4 pounds

·  Heads rarely burst

·  63-100 days from transplanting.

Victoria F1

Large head, many leaves, resistant to pest and diseases but susceptible to frost, stores water (high H2O content hence flat), good market. Very fast growing, Vigorous crop, Has compact heads, Head weight 4-5 kgs, Yield Potential 45-56 tonnes/acre, Maturity 70-75 days from transplanting. 

Gloria F1

  •  Heat tolerant
  • Has strong root system and thick wax layer making it ideal for planting during dry season or under irrigation
  • The maturity duration for Gloria F1 cabbages is 10-12 weeks. They have a head weight of between 2.5-3.0kg and their appropriate spacing is 60x60cm. They give yields of between 50-80tons/ha.